The Kromme Dissel package

Culinary delights at the Michelin-starred restaurant

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The Kromme Dissel culinary package

Seven-course dinner in De Kromme Dissel restaurant with overnight accommodation

The award-winning De Kromme Dissel has been one of the top restaurants in the Netherlands for many years. Enjoy a culinary seven-course dinner in this restaurant and combine your visit with a relaxing overnight stay which includes the Bilderberg Breakfast, use of the swimming pool and the Kromme Dissel cookbook 'Inspiration'.

  • Seven-course dinner at De Kromme Dissel
  • 1 x overnight
  • 1 x breakfast
  • free use of swimmingpool
  • The Kromme Dissel cookbook: 'Inspiratie'
  • Second lunch free voucher
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance
  • Simply pay in the hotel

The Kromme Dissel culinary package

The Kromme Dissel package offers an unforgettable evening of culinary surprises followed by a relaxing overnight stay in the Hotel Klein Zwitserland. During the seven-course dinner in this Michelin-starred restaurant, you will experience for yourself how De Kromme Dissel has elevated cooking to an art form. Pure ingredients, surprising flavours and unusual combinations are brought together in beautifully plated dishes in this warm and welcoming restaurant. After your gastronomic evening, you can simply relax in the adjoining Hotel Klein Zwitserland. Enjoy the swimming pool or sauna or discuss the day in front of the open fire. In the morning, you can enjoy the generous Bilderberg Breakfast buffet which includes various kinds of fresh bread by Het Vlaams Broodhuys, toppings and spreads, breakfast cereals, fruit juices and freshly cooked eggs.

The Kromme Dissel package also includes the latest cookbook by De Kromme Dissel, written by the kitchen team and full of wonderful photos and illustrations. In this book, you will discover where the team get their inspiration for new dishes. You will also receive a voucher for a second lunch free at De Kromme Dissel.


Pure ingredients, surprising flavours

"We are always looking for new combinations and new views of the classic and contemporary. Our inspiration never stops and comes from various sources. Passion and love of the trade, that's what it's about. Not only for us, but for our suppliers too. The drive to find the very best meat and grow the tastiest fruit and vegetables greatly affects the quality of our work. The recurring theme at De Kromme Dissel consists of the four elements attention, experience, origin and feeling”.

Tonny Berentsen, chef de cuisine at De Kromme Dissel.

Inspiration: the cookbook

After your seven-course dinner, would you like to find out how to make these delicious dishes at home? As part of the Kromme Dissel package, you will receive a copy of 'Inspiratie', the wonderful cookbook by De Kromme Dissel. Inspiratie, with its appealing stories, spectacular photos and delicious recipes, reveals the source of De Kromme Dissel’s inspiration.

Stay in the Hotel Klein Zwitserland

Near Arnhem, you will find the chalet-style Hotel Klein Zwitserland. This small-scale, charming hotel has 71 rooms and is immersed in nature. Whether you would like to go walking, cycling or shopping in the historic city of Arnhem, the Hotel Klein Zwitserland offers numerous possibilities. The Heelsumse Veld golf club is very close to the hotel. And if you would like to relax inside, our covered swimming pool and sauna are the perfect place.