Gift vouchers and Gift Packages

Would you like to treat someone to an original gift?

Looking for the perfect gift? A Bilderberg gift voucher or Gift Package is an excellent choice if you are looking for a special surprise for your friends, family, staff or business contacts. Give someone the gift of a wonderful overnight stay and/or delicious dinner in one of the welcoming Bilderberg hotels.

  • Full hotel package or Bilderberg credit
  • Can be used in all Bilderberg hotels
  • Pay via invoice
  • Sent within a week of payment
  • Can be sent directly to the recipient in gift packaging

Order your gift voucher

The ideal gift for friends, family or business contacts

Gift packaging

You will receive the Gift Voucher in a card holder which contains all the information the recipient needs to make a booking. The Gift Voucher can also be sent directly to the recipient. Once it has been sent, you will receive an email with an activation code which allows you to activate the Gift Voucher.

Have you received a Gift Voucher?

Activate or redeem your Bilderberg Gift Voucher

Activate a gift card

Use your activation code to activate your Gift Voucher

Activate your Gift Voucher

Redeem a Gift Voucher

Book your Bilderberg Gift Package online

Redeem your Gift Voucher

Terms and conditions

  • In the event of loss or theft, we are unable to issue new gift vouchers and/or Gift Packages.
  • Gift vouchers and Gift Packages are valid untill 3 years after activation.
  • Gift vouchers and Gift Packages can not be exchanged for cash.
  • At several hotels, the Gift Packages are subject to a surcharge which must be paid at the hotel:
    the Garden Hotel, Hotel Jan Luyken, Europa Hotel Scheveningen, Château Holtmühle and Kasteel Vaalsbroek: € 50 for each 2-person package.
  • For the Bilderberg Landgoed Lauswolt, a surcharge of € 200 for each 2-person package applies.
  • It is not possible to use the gift voucher for non-refundable rates, as these require immediate payment by credit card.

Need help?

Do you have any questions about ordering or redeeming a Gift Voucher? We would be delighted to help you. Call us on +31 (0)317 318 319 between 10 am and 12.30 pm or email

  • Also available in large quantities (contact us to order)
  • Sent within a week of payment
  • Can also be sent directly to the recipient
  • Pay via invoice

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