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Bilderberg Château Holtmühle Tegelen (Venlo)

Kasteellaan 10, 5932 AG Tegelen (Venlo)
+31 77 373 88 00
+31 77 374 05 00


The most beautiful wedding location near Tegelen, Venlo is Bilderberg Château Holtmühle. Our halls and rooms bear the names of prominent families who inhabited the castle. These details give extra dimension to your wedding day. You will agree with us that taking into account the culinary surprises, the unique location and local hospitality, your wedding at Chateau Holtmühle will be unforgettable.

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Maximum number of guests reception150
Maximum number of party guests150
Maximum number of dinner guests120
Official wedding location
Mediation in entertainment
Bridal Suite available
Number of rooms66
Exclusive hire of possible location
Outside Opportunities party
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Wedding cake Care