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For Pilates a professional is used who was trained by Debbie Jenner (who has been teaching for 30 years). She is well-known in the Netherlands for being the person who introduced Aerobics in 1982 and as a pioneer of the introduction of new types of exercise in our country. 

Pilates improves muscular strength and flexibility and is therefore more physical than yoga. Your guests leave the lesson with fresh energy and the 'tools' they need to teach themselves to relax. This break can be taken at any time of day both indoors and outdoors.


55 minutes.


Comfortable clothing (changing is not necessary).


The rate for a group of 10, or fewer than 10, is € 185 per 55 minutes (excl. VAT). The rate for groups of 20, or fewer than 20, is € 370 per 55 minutes (excl. VAT). For groups of more than 20 Bilderberg will be happy to offer a proposal tailored to your needs. Of course, a combination of various fit breaks is possible.

General information about Puur

The philosophy of 'Puur for your health' is that we aim to achieve the optimal balance between the 'magic triangle' of exercise, eating and drinking and relaxation. If these three elements are in balance you will feel fitter, stronger and sharper.

Puur works exclusively with qualified professionals. The breaks are put together in collaboration with respected names in the branch of sport in question.

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