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We believe that eating moments are special. They give you energy, culinary enjoyment and an opportunity for conversation. Healthy, traditional, organic and local are the elements that make up our culinary concepts. Specially developed for meetings. So that you can get back to work with renewed energy.

  • The Bilderberg Breakfast®

    The Bilderberg Breakfast gives you a healthy start to the day. Various dishes are served, such as traditional breads, organic dairy products, natural juices made from various types of fruit, and home-made jams.
    The products that Bilderberg uses are selected with care for man, animals and the environment. Even for your breakfast you don't need to put up with less.

  • The Bilderberg Lunch®

    Lunch is the moment when you take a break and restore your energy levels. The Bilderberg Lunch is therefore attuned to your energy needs. Easily digestible, traditional, fresh and local. And of course not lacking in typical Dutch flavours. Bilderberg serves lunch as it should be; a light and culinary experience.

  • The Bilderberg Break®

    An energy-rich and healthy snack. Because you want to step up the pace even more at your business meeting before dinner. Choose, for example, from Iced Tea with herb extracts, hearty broths with condiments or fresh fruit.

  • The Bilderberg Dinner

    The chefs at Bilderberg prepare a three-course dinner in which you make your own choice. Meat, fish or vegetarian. Culinary pleasure in a stylish ambiance!

  • The Bilderberg Coffeecorner

    Unlimited choice of freshly ground coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte or tea throughout the day. Strong or less strong, you choose!

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