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Bilderberg Hotel Wolfheze Wolfheze

Wolfhezerweg 17, 6874 AA Wolfheze
+31 26 333 78 52
+31 26 333 62 11

De Tuin van Wolfheze

De Tuin van Wolfheze.

Enjoy fresh products, a peaceful setting and friendly service. These are the hallmarks of a delicious dinner in “De Tuin van Wolfheze”.         

Honest, delicious food based on regional dishes with a modern twist and international influences, all with sustainability in mind. Local products are respectfully transformed into delicious dishes by Chef Dion Wouters and his team. Be sure not to miss the organic beef from the Blaarkop cattle bred by local farmer Jan Wieringa from Wolfheze. The dishes with Wolfhezer Honey from our own hives are also highly recommended.

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wolfheze@bilderberg.nl or 026 333 78 52

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International / regional

Chef de Cuisine:

Dion Wouters



Opening hours:

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, until 9.30 pm


The Bilderberg Breakfast: € 19
The Bilderberg Lunch: € 25,50
The Bilderberg Dinner: from € 35

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