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The Veluwe

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Feel like a short break? Visit the Veluwe! This wonderfully wooded natural landscape features a wide range of interesting museums, events and attractions. Book your accommodation or hotel package in the Veluwe now!

About the Veluwe

The Veluwe is a wonderful nature reserve which covers a large area in Gelderland. Measuring over 1000 km2, it features a wide variety of natural landscapes. Around Arnhem, lateral moraines from the Ice Age have created a forested area which is full of hills and valleys and there are large sandy plains near Radio Kootwijt. However, there are also ancient forests, extensive heaths and river forelands in the Veluwe. With such a wide variety of natural resources, the Veluwe is ideal for cycling, walking and seeing animals in their natural habitat. However, the area also offers plenty of historic towns, zoos and museums.

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