A warm welcome, also at distance

Relevant information for a safe and relaxed stay at our hotels


Our employees welcome you with the hospitality you expect from us. However, our services have been adjusted due to government guidelines. On this page you can read everything you want to know when you stay with us. For example, about whether the swimming pool is open or until what time you can have dinner. Do you have any questions about check-in times or payment methods? Take a look at our general frequently asked questions

If you want to cancel or reschedule your reservation, the cancellation conditions of your booked rate apply. Please contact the  hotel directly, they are happy to help.


    • We are happy to welcome you, a negative test result is not required

    • Our hotels follow a very strict hygiene protocol to ensure your safety

    • Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters at all times

    • At check-in we ask you to reserve a time block for breakfast

    • Dining in our restaurants is possible by reservation

    • For the use of our facilities most hotels ask you to reserve a time block

Check-in & Check-out

We welcome you with a warm smile instead of a handshake


At check-in we will not shake hands, as you may be used from us. But we will welcome you with a warm smile. According to the guidelines of dutch health authorities, we ask you a number of questions upon arrival, regarding your health. You can find the questions here. During your stay, these questions could be asked multiple times. 

For the current check-in and check-out times for each hotel, click here

Groups & Transportation

When arriving with a group, we ask you to have one person take care of the check-in for the whole group. In this way, we maintain our distance and limit the number of contact moments. Our shuttle service (where applicable) is temporarily out of service. We are happy to call a taxi service for you when in need of transport, for example from the station to the hotel.


In some hotels you receive the invoice of your stay the evening before departure. Please check your invoice and let us know if you have questions. This way we can limit the (waiting) time at the Front-Desk. Please pay with PIN or credit card. We try to avoid cash as much as possible.

Public spaces

We help you to maintain distance. We have installed disinfection stations at various places throughout the hotels

What we do

Our public areas are cleaned every four hours. Surfaces touched frequently, such as handles, elevator buttons, light switches and banisters, are carefully disinfected. Most toilets in the public areas remain closed. You can use the toilet in your hotel room. Some passages in the hotel are too narrow to maintain the 1.5 meters distance rule. That's why we have set up one-way directions in certain areas of the hotel. This is clearly indicated on the floor.


All our hotels have ventilation systems that are set to outside air intake. This means that only fresh air enters, no reuse is made of the air present in the rooms. Our entire rooms are supplied 3 to 5 times per hour with freshly purified outside air, this air is of course extra filtered by the filters present in the air treatment systems.

What you can do

In various areas we have installed disinfection stations  throughout the hotels. We ask you the use them regularly. You are more than welcome in the public areas to relax, unfortunately eating and/or drinking is not allowed in the public areas. When enjoying the public areas please keep your distance from other guests, give each other space and prevent formation of groups. 

In your hotel room

We will ensure as few contact moments as possible


Contact moments are limited as much as possible. Your room will be cleaned in most hotels as you are used to from us. We only clean the room during your stay if you are not present in the room. In some hotels your room will only be cleaned on request. We gladly make agreements that suits your wishes.

Clean towels & Bathroom amenities

We will provide you with extra clean towels and bathroom amenities on request. We will place the items in a closed bag in front of your hotel room door.

Food & Beverage

Our restaurants and bars are open. To offer you a safe stay, we follow the guidelines of the national government. Registration is obligated and we will ask you a few questions about your health upon arrival. We ask you to please remain seated at your table as much as possible. Is the answer to your question not listed here? Please contact the hotel of your choice directly. We are happy to help you.

  • Restaurant and bar open
  • The tables in our restaurant are placed at distance
  • Please make a reservation in advance
  • We will ask you some questions about your health upon arrival


You can have breakfast in our restaurants and self-service is allowed. The Bilderberg Breakfast is served as you are used to from us. Most hotels will ask you to book a time slot at check-in, as there are a limited number of places available.

A cup of coffee, lunch or drinks

In all hotels you are welcome to order something delicious with the coffee, lunch or a drink during the day. You can reserve a table in advance or at the door.


Dinner in our restaurants is possible. Our restaurants work with different time slots. We do ask you to reserve your preferred time slot in advance.


Our facilities are open

Sauna, swimming pool & fitness

The sauna, swimming pool and fitness are open in all hotels. We do ask you to reserve in advance or at check-in, as there are a limited number of places available.

Wellnes Center

Our Wellness Centers at Résidence Groot Heideborgh and Kasteel Vaalsbroek are open for treatments. We advise you to reserve a treatment prior to your stay.

Your reservation

Cancellation conditions

Do you have questions about your existing reservation or do you want to move or cancel your reservation? Then the cancellation conditions of your booked rate apply. If you have booked a flexible rate, you can reschedule or cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. Contact the hotel of your choice to discuss the options.

I've booked a room, but I have a cold? What do I have to do?

We ask you, as advised by dutch health authorities, to stay at home and cancel or move your booking if you have a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, dry cough or a temperature increase above 38 degrees Celsius.

RIVM Guidelines

We adhere to the guidelines of RIVM (dutch health authority) and the National Government. New information is immediately conveyed to the hotel staff. For more information from RIVM, please visit their website.



Do have another question or would you rather receive personal support with your reservation? We are there to help you. Ask your question to  the reception staff of your hotel. Click here for an overview of all hotels with their contact details.

  • Have a question about several hotels?
  • Send us an e-mail
  • Response within one business day

Reach out

Our policies may change when the situation demands so. If changes take place, we will mention those on this page. Nevertheless, the guidelines in the hotel are leading. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the information on this page.

Do you have any questions regarding our guidelines? Please contact the relevant hotel. Our reception staff are available 24 hours a day. We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay in one of the Bilderberg hotels.

Last update: 20-07-2021, 01.53 p.m.