The Bilderberg Promise

1. It all starts with the right question

No two meetings are the same. That's why we first ask the question: what is the aim of the meeting? To get everyone on board, or to look at things from a different angle? To explore new possibilities or make specific choices? To learn, connect, change or grow? By looking at the aim of the meeting, offering an inspiring environment and focusing on the details, we help you to make the most of your meeting. This is our promise.

2. Our inspiring environments

will bring out the best in you.

We believe that inspiring environments really bring out the best in you. You come up with your best ideas away from the office and your daily routine. From the natural or lively surroundings of our hotels to our attractive meeting rooms and from a warm welcome to meetings full of new experiences, the desire to inspire you and help you make the most of your meeting lies at the heart of everything we do.

3. A taste for good food

Food not only provides renewed energy, it is also a moment when people come together. Food can connect, surprise and innovate. At Bilderberg, good food therefore traditionally plays an important role in a meeting. From a delicious smoothie when your guests arrive to a gastronomic dinner, anything is possible.

4. Green is the Key

Bilderberg loves green. By using organic ingredients, applying smart energy-saving measures and focusing on people and the environment, we wish to contribute to a more sustainable world. Not without good reason, all Bilderberg hotels have Green Key certification: the international quality rating for sustainable companies in the recreation sector.

5. Our Maître B' is ready to help you

'' As the Maître B', during your meeting I make sure that everything is organised and your guests have everything they need. I go through the day with the organiser upon arrival, welcome the guests, make sure that everything is ready and that all the technology is working. I notice that it is often the little things which ensure that a meeting or training session runs smoothly."

Bart de Waard

Maître B' of the Grand Hotel Wientjes, Zwolle

6. Service means attention

For us, the ultimate service means paying attention at the right moment. Understanding what guests or groups need, before they have even asked for it. And being ready and waiting at all the right moments.

7. Super-fast wifi

Offline is the new luxury. If you still want to get online, however, Bilderberg offers super-fast wifi throughout the hotel. Ideal for catching up on work, online presentations or streaming your event live.

8. Everything you need

Does anyone have a pen? There's no need to ask this kind of question at Bilderberg, as every meeting room already comes with everything you need for your presentation or meeting.

9. Transparency

Bilderberg believes in transparency. That's why our quotations are both clear and clearly arranged. As a result, you can see at a single glance how our rates are structured and what you can expect from Bilderberg.

10. The sky's the limit

Your seminar in the form of an open-air festival? A culinary dinner in the middle of the woods? A spectacular party for 500 people? The sky's the limit, as far we as we're concerned. Just tell us what you would like and we will make it happen. Guaranteed to make every meeting special, whether large or small!

Meet Anouk, our special meetings director. She makes every business meeting special. It all starts with a simple question: what is the aim of your meeting? Then we can work together to create an event with impact.