Kasteel Vaalsbroek Surrounding area

Rolling hills, green forests, vast meadows: the landscape of South Limburg will make you feel as if you have travelled abroad. From the minute you leave the motorway and head towards Vaals, you will find yourself in beautiful natural surroundings which invite you to enjoy leisurely walks and long cycle rides. Visit the tripoint where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet or explore the cities of Aachen or Maastricht for the ultimate combination of relaxation and culture.

Rolling Limburg hills

Kasteel Vaalsbroek will make you feel as if you have been whisked abroad. The fairytale estate with its castle garden is surrounded by the wonders of nature with endless fields, vineyards and dense forests. However, Limburg also has plenty more to offer. It has welcoming cities and cosy villages where you can enjoy Burgundian hospitality to your heart's content.

Activities and sights


The Drielandenpunt at Vaals is the point where three national borders meet. It is precisely here that Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands come together. This is also the highest point in the Netherlands. From here, you can go on wonderful walks to explore the natural beauty of the local area. The Drielandenpunt is an impressive experience which simply must not be missed during a visit to South Limburg! Climb up to the viewpoint or find your way around Europe's largest maze.


Aachen is a wonderful historic city which offers a wide range of sights. The city also has many different shops, from exclusive boutiques to large department stores. The historic atmosphere of the old centre provides the perfect setting for a day of shopping in this imperial city.


Valkenburg is located at the southernmost point of South Limburg, nestled away behind the moss-green hills of the Limburg landscape. The city has attracted plenty of international and national tourists for over 125 years, particularly because of the wonderful landscape which is also known as "Tuscany on the Geul". The area also offers numerous cultural attractions, from castles and marl caves to open-air theatres.


Maastricht is a popular city in South Limburg. This city on the Meuse river, surrounded by gently rolling hills, will make you feel as if you have been transported abroad. Enjoy the typical buildings, attractive squares and designer stores, welcoming cafés, restaurants and cosy terraces. Maastricht has it all!

Wine tasting

Would you like to taste some delicious wines and expand your wine knowledge at the same time? If so, enjoy a wine-tasting session at Wijngaard St. Martinus in the nearby village of Vijlen. As well as enjoying a tasting session, you can take a tour and admire the wine cellar.


Walking and cycling

The wonderful surroundings, with their gentle hills, invite you to explore the area on foot or by bicycle. Tip: buy the cycling and walking map at Kasteel Vaalsbroek to ensure the best routes and local tips.

Improve your swing

There are no less than six golf courses in the immediate vicinity of the Kasteel Vaalsbroek. To improve your swing, you can choose from Golf and Business Club Henri-Chapelle, Golf course Rijk van Margraten, Golf and Country Club Hoenshuis Voerendaal, Golfclub Brunssummerheide, Golfclub Haus Kambach and Golf course Mergelhof. Experience the ultimate combination of relaxation and effort. And once you have perfected your swing, you can enjoy a delicious dinner!