Anniversario Artusi Package

Including Italian 4-course dinner, overnight stay, and breakfast at Hotel De Bilderberg

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  • 1 hotel
  • 1 night
  • 2 persons
From €- Overview Per stay with 2 persons

25 years ago, Trattoria Artusi opened its doors, inspired by the writer Pellegrino Artusi. We would like to celebrate this milestone with you through the Anniversario Artusi Package. Enjoy a 4-course Italian dinner at Trattoria Artusi, including an overnight stay at Hotel De Bilderberg, breakfast, and a sparkling Italian aperitif.

  • Overnight stay in a double room
  • 4-course Italian dinner at Trattoria Artusi
  • The Bilderberg Breakfast
  • Welcome with a sparkling Italian aperitif
  • Italian gift

25 years ago, Trattoria Artusi opened its doors, inspired by the writer Pellegrino Artusi. He became world-famous for his love of Italian cuisine. His book 'The Science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well' remains an inspiration for many Italians to this day. Unlike other cookbooks, it is not just a collection of recipes but a book full of humor and personality. His surprising perspective on Italian cuisine forms the foundation of our restaurant. Our chefs understand the art of good eating like no other. We invite you to experience the story of Artusi.

Hotel De Bilderberg

Near Arnhem, nestled in the beautiful forests of the Veluwe, lies Hotel De Bilderberg. As you drive up the green driveway of the stately hotel, you already know: this will be a time of enjoyment in peace and luxury. The historic estate of Hotel De Bilderberg is located in the heart of the stunning Veluwe forest.

"For 25 years, Pellegrino Artusi has been an inspiration for our trattoria. With great passion, our team prepares the finest dishes from the Italian kitchen for you."

Ugi StanisicHead Chef Hotel De Bilderberg

                          Trattoria Artusi - Ugi Stanisic - Bilderberg.jpg

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