An unforgettable meeting, also at a distance

All information for a valuable and personal meeting or event

For years, Bilderberg has been the place to come together. For a meeting, a training or a great event. We still are, but of course with appropriate distance. We are now physically separated from each other, but we are still hospitable and creative. Read below what measures we have taken so that you can organize a safe and familair meeting at Bilderberg.



    • Maximum flexibility in canceling and moving reservations

    • In and around our hotels there is a lot of space to come together with appropriate distance

    • A very strict protocol and our employees are of course trained

    • We also keep 1.5 meters distance in and around the hotels

    • Local, healthy and delicious

    • Service with a smile and very happy to have you here

Maximum flexibility

Not everything is certain, we also like to take this into account

Moving the meeting

Up to 2 weeks before arrival, the meeting can be moved free of charge for groups up to 30 people. This is possible if a new date is booked immediately, and if this new date is scheduled within 6 months after the original arrival date.



Cancel the meeting

We understand that not everything is certain, but we also understand that you want to plan ahead. If it is necessary to cancel, the following applies:

  • Up to 4 weeks before arrival, the entire meeting for groups up to 30 people can be canceled free of charge;
  • Cancellation within 4 weeks before arrival for groups up to 30 people means 50% cancellation costs. You get 50% of this back for a new reservation within 1 year.

Cancellation of individual participants

Up to 20% of the total number of participants can be canceled free of charge until the day of arrival.

Safe and clean

We help you to keep your distance and have arranged hand washing areas in various places

What we do

We have always been keen on hygiene and are now going the extra mile. Our public areas are cleaned every two hours. Surfaces touched by guests, such as handles, elevator buttons and banisters, are carefully disinfected. The hotel rooms are only cleaned after departure. Our staff will not come to your hotel room during your stay. Of course new towels and bathroom items are available. There are disinfecting handles in strategic places in the hotel, including in the meeting room. To clean your hands, but also for cleaning materials, such as pens and markers. For each participant there is a paper worksheet that can be used on the table.


Respect each other

It is important to inform the participants of the meeting, so that they feel welcome and safe. 1 working day before the start of the meeting, we will send a letter to our contact person in which we communicate the guidelines, so that this can be shared with the participants. We record topics such as "what time will I arrive", "where can I park", "which meeting room do we use" and "when will my room be available".


1.5 metre distance

Of course, 1.5 meters also applies in and around the hotel. And we do that together. The hotel has signposting indicating the route. For example, "one-way traffic" or "here you can stand". This is clearly stated by means of floor stickers. A specific toilet room is designated for each meeting room or participants can use the toilet in the hotel room. With a friendly reminder every now and then, because sometimes taking distance brings you closer to insights.


Health check

We ask a few questions to the participants of the meeting

Upon arrival at the hotel, we ask the participants (in accordance with government guidelines) a number of questions about their health. During your stay, these questions can be asked a number of times, for example when you are entering the restaurant or at the reception. We ask participants with cold complaints (such as cold, runny nose, sneezing), sore throat, dry cough or an increase to 38 degrees Celsius to stay at home.


During the meeting

Use of the meeting rooms

The conference room

We take into account a minimum of 5m2 space per participant. Lineups can vary, of course you determine this yourself. The area is completely cleaned before arrival and smooth surfaces are disinfected. Hand gel and disinfectant spray are present in the room. During the breaks, airing and cleaning takes place.



Of course there are possibilities to connect rooms with "video conferencing" or to allow participants to participate remotely.


Food & beverage

Delicious, local and healthy

Breakfast & lunch

Food and drinks remain of course tasty, local and varied. Breakfast and lunch can be consumed as "take away", for example during a walk or in the garden at a picnic table. We can also serve lunch at the meeting room, packed per person, or a room can be reserved in the restaurant. We are happy to arrange it for you!



We serve dinner in the restaurant and we are happy to discuss your wishes. Availability in the restaurants is limited, so we are happy to make arrangements about times and the duration of the dinner. Of course, as always, we take dietary requirements into account.



There are also plenty of fun activities to organize with a distance of 1.5 metres

A special program

Give your meeting more impact with a special program or a joint activity. This ensures connection and adds a fun element. There are many activities in which distance to each other is well guaranteed. Think of a lovely walk in the woods with a forester, a bike ride, a fencing clinic, sheep herding, archery or bubble ball. We are happy to help you to make your meeting as fun, but above all as safe as possible.


Meet outside

Our hotels are located in the most inspiring places. Our advice: make sure to use this too! For example, have a meeting outside in the sheep pasture of Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen, on the lawn in front of Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, in the city garden of the Parkhotel in Rotterdam or go for Meet in the Park on the beautiful estate of Kasteel Vaalsbroek.


RIVM guidelines

We adhere to the guidelines of RIVM (dutch health authority) and the National Government. New information is immediately conveyed to the hotel staff. For more information from RIVM, please visit their website.



"Do you have any questions or would you rather receive personal support when organizing a meeting or event? We are happy to help you."


Our policies may change when the situation demands so. If changes take place, we will mention those on this page. Nevertheless, the guidelines in the hotel are leading. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the information on this page.

Do you have any questions regarding our guidelines? Please contact the relevant hotel where you are organizing your meeting or event. Our reservations staff are ready for you.

Last update: 02-09-2020, 13.45