‘Bewust Bilderberg’ - corporate social responsibility

Working together to protect the planet

Sustainable enterprise

for the future

As a hotel chain, Bilderberg likes to contribute to a more sustainable world. After all, sustainable enterprise is something we do with the future in mind. Bilderberg's use of organic ingredients and smart energy-saving measures and its awareness of man and the environment means it can rightly be called a "green" company. 

Pure and delicious

Organic ingredients aren't just good for animals and the environment: their fresh, pure and authentic flavours mean they are also extremely delicious. Bilderberg's restaurants therefore use as many organic products as possible. For example, the culinary creations of De Heeren van Harinxma are made extra special through the use of organic herbs from the hotel's own garden. The tender beef served at De Tuin van Wolfheze comes from the Blaarkop cattle grazing nearby. For our breakfasts and lunches, we also choose organic bread, sustainable fish and fair trade products.

The environment in mind

Every month, Bilderberg welcomes thousands of guests to its hotels. That means a huge amount of laundry, waste and electricity. For years, Bilderberg has been running its hotels as responsibly as possible. For example, we ask guests to tell us which towels need replacing, apply water-saving measures and use organic, biodegradable cleaning products. Together with our energy-saving measures and waste separation programme, we are therefore helping to create a better environment. 

Bilderberg on the move

Healthy employees are just as important as a healthy environment. For this reason, Bilderberg has also set up a special programme for its employees: Bilderberg "On the MOVE". With “On the MOVE”, Bilderberg aims to ensure that its employees are healthy, happy and dedicated to their work. The programme develops the employees' knowledge and skills, improves their work/life balance, communication and commitment and, above all, ensures that they work with enjoyment and passion. The wide range of options means that employees have access to resources such as online training, health and language courses.

Green key certificates

for all hotels

Green Key is the largest global eco-label for tourist and business accommodation. A Green Key certificate shows a hotel's level of environmental awareness. For example, does the hotel separate its waste, use environmentally-friendly detergent and have energy-saving lighting? There are various different levels: bronze, silver and gold. All the Bilderberg hotels are proud to have been awarded a silver or gold Green Key certificate.