Farewell hotels

Hotel De Buunderkamp, Hotel Wolfheze, Hotel Klein Zwitserland and Hotel De Klepperman are no longer part of Bilderberg from 2 January 2019. Your made reservation for 2019 remains valid.

I made a reservation

I have already made a reservation after January 2, 2019. Is this still valid?

Bilderberg said farewell to the hotels mentioned above from 2 January 2019. These hotels are now part of Fletcher Hotels. The reservation as you have made it remains. You do not have to do anything for this. However, the hotel will operate under its new flag during your stay.

Can I cancel my reservation?

When you have made a reservation with arrival after January 2, 2019 and want to cancel it, we ask you to contact the hotel.

I want to make a reservation

I want to make a reservation at one of the four hotels mentioned above, is this possible?

The aforementioned hotels are now part of Fletcher Hotels. It is therefore no longer possible to make your reservation via Bilderberg.nl after 2 January 2019.

Which alternative hotels do you recommend to me?

Would you prefer to book your overnight stay at a Bilderberg hotel? Then choose from our alternative hotels:


Alternative hotels

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